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Fab Giovanetti gets jumpy as she goes back to her childhood and flings herself about on the trampoline. All in the name of fitness, Jumping Fitness Britain that is.........Read more

I was extremely overweight and unfit. I had lost all hope that I would ever be healthy or fit in my life again. After trying various diets and exercise programmes I was convinced that none of them could really change my life in any significant way. My fitness levels before beginning Body Transformation coaching were almost non-existent. To lose weight everyone says to move more and eat less. This is easier said than done. Julia has taught me more about nutrition in the last few weeks than I have learnt in my entire life. I finally know that healthy food can taste fantastic. The meal plans are easy to follow and I have been introduced to so many new ingredients that I had never heard of before and am enjoying every new meal experience. This is the longest period in my life that I have gone without a takeout or chocolate and, even more unbelievably, I have not been craving any of it in the least! I find doing daily tasks so much easier and after 4 weeks I have lost 7cm from my hips and 5cm from my waist.







I really enjoy going to Jumping Julia's Fitness classes, it's a really fun way of working out. I always find doing a class for fitness is a lot more enjoyable than just going to the gym. I always come out of the class feeling like I have done a proper workout and used all the right muscles, it is excellent for your fitness levels and core strength, especially toning your legs, tummy and behind. I was relatively fit when I first started these classes but my overall energy levels have improved and I have noticed a massive difference in the toning of my body. I started these classes in August 2014 and it took a few classes before I really got into it, but once I pushed through this barrier I have enjoyed every single one since. I really recommend this class to anyone who wants something a little bit different to help them get fit or lose a few pounds. You can't really beat jumping up and down on a trampoline as a way to de-stress and get fit at the same time.


I am addicted to the London Jumping Fitness classes! I've tried all kinds of exercise crazes in London but this one has finally stuck. 10 weeks in and I can't wait to go every Tuesday and Thursday. It's tough, but rewarding. I don't recognise my thighs, there is hardly any cellulite left, and I feel much firmer and fitter! I would recommend it to anyone especially those who need to get fit and have a lot of weight to lose.


​I attended my first Jumping Julia class on Thursday 8th January and had a great time! Gemma was a great instructor and I didn’t find the class too challenging as it was my first time. I left feeling energised and satisfied that I’d had a good workout. I hope that the next class challenges me even further now I have an understanding of the basic steps involved in the jumping routine.


First of all I would like to say that jumping itself and the idea of it is amazing although you probably know it yourself 🙂 I really did enjoy the first few classes with Petra and now with Gemma. I also love that Gemma has offered to send her our favourite music that she could use for the classes. I have been thinking about this idea for ages! 🙂 As one of the main stimulators to successful exercising for me is the music I listen while doing it.

As regarding my  weight loss goal - I would like to lose a few kilos but nothing extreme more so I would like to tone up and generally feel and look healthier as well as feel less tired!:-) And your classes are a massive help!"


As the summer started, I was looking for a new activity to help me jump start my training to become fitter in the upcoming summer. In November of 2013, I first started Jumping Julia Classes and while I had tried gym and other classes before none of them had managed to both help me achieve my goals and keep it up. I have joined trampoline jumping classes to improve overall fitness and body posture. Since I started Jumping Julia classes on the trampoline a few months ago and ever since I have felt stronger, happier and healthier.

I would recommend Jumping Julia classes to everyone. No matter what age or body shape. Whatever your goal is whether it is to keep you fit or just lose a few stone, well trained and qualified staff will help you to reach them. For me, the evidence speaks for itself and, much to my surprise I enjoyed the classes.


Since joining the jumping fitness team I have gained so many benefits. My skills as an instructor have improved dramatically, linking movements and also creating my own movements. I feel more confident working with my clients and it is such a great feeling to see my clients grow from their first class. I have always been passionate about fitness and to show my clients the benefits of doing regular exercise. Jumping fitness is a great form of exercises, not only is it an intense workout which is great for improving health, stamina, weight loss, muscle mass and more, but it also is fun. I think for clients to keep coming back and for them to gain their ultimate goal it as to be enjoyable and exciting. Before working for jumping fitness I was a professional dancer, travelling the world mainly working on cruise ships. When I moved to London I started working as a gym instructor and began my training for personal trainer and class instructor. Then jumping fitness gave me an amazing opportunity to work for them, so I got to practise my skills, learn more and become more creative and confident. Not only did jumping fitness help me to become a better instructor, but also since I stop dancing professionally I felt my fitness levels had dropped dramatically and from teaching my classes I also saw improvements in my fitness. My stamina had improved, my body became more sculpt, my muscle mass increased and body fat decreased and I felt more energetic. I started working with jumping fitness from the beginning when the business was just starting out. It has been such an experience to see from where we started and where we are going, such improvements. To see the number of clients we started off with and now the classes are fully booked and to see regular clients come back for more and new classes being introduced. For me being an instructor is a fantastic job not only do you feel fitter yourself, you see the clients improve and help them to achieve their goals which makes me feel proud. And this is what I get paid to do a job I enjoy doing.

Gemma - Jumping Julia Instructor

Unlike other faddy exercise classes that have hit London, the Jumping Julia classes at Canada Water Studios have managed to capture and maintain my interest and provide me with a huge enjoyment and satisfaction. I first tried Jumping in September 2014 and have become almost ‘addicted’ to them; I still now try and attend 2 classes each week. It is such a fun way to work-out that the 45 minute class goes very quickly, whilst the benefits in toning, fitness, recovery and stamina are long-lasting. It was a great supplement to my Marathon training and helped condition my legs.

I had a basic level of fitness/body conditioning before starting Jump classes but wanted to really focus on HIIT, which is essentially what the Jump classes provide. My core has become a lot stronger through the ‘stomping’ routines and I could really feel a difference in my cardiovascular fitness within 3 weeks.

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I haven't been attending Jumping Julia's classes for long, but I have already felt the benefits! At 34 and being a marathon runner, I wanted something fun that would help develop my lower body stamina - and I have found it! The intensity of the classes fits so many levels, and it's challenging too. I have found since starting Jumping Julia’s classes that my running stamina has extended, muscle fatigue recovers quicker and I find I sleep very well post class! It's dynamic, varied, friendly and great fun. The classes are excellent value for money and accessible to all abilities. But mostly I have found that, as someone who was quite fit before, it is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout with excellent body strength benefits!




This is a really fun, enjoyable way of working out. Everything feels more toned, my energy levels are much higher and I look forward to Jumping Julia’s Fitness Classes as I know I will come out having worked all the right muscles and got my adrenalin going in a way that I haven’t done since I was a kid. I have done ballet from the age of 3 and after a few months off because of work I just wanted to get back to fitness before re-starting dancing so thought I’d try jumping.

This class is absolutely excellent for fitness and core strength – so much so that I am carrying the classes on as they complement my dancing brilliantly. It’s also something different and jumping up and down on a trampoline is a great feeling! I think it can take about three lessons before you really begin to feel like you’re in the swing of jumping class! Once you push through that barrier, it becomes a whole lot more fun and you really feel the benefits. It’s great for toning your tummy, your arms, your legs and your behind!


I am a full time student with a part-time job. I joined London Jumping Fitness at the end of 2013. When I first went there I thought it would be like the jumping classes that I used to go in my country, but it wasn’t. They were much harder and it required much more effort to jump, which I LOVED! Jumping is a great exercise; it makes me feel full of endorphins, even after a tiring week of work combined with my evening classes. It is also super great for shaping the body and getting rid of cellulite (that is one of the best parts). It is also very low impact, what is great as I have a bad ankle. I get loads of pain if I go for a run or things like that, but I don’t feel anything after jumping for one hour! I highly recommend Jumping Julia’s classes to anyone, even if you are feeling a bit depressed or with low energy, you just have to push yourself a little to start, after you are there, you don’t want to leave!


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