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Jumping Julia fitness team are body transformation experts. We deliver a unique "Jumping Julia Classes, Drop A Dress Size and 45 Day KICKSTART programme for professional women and mothers who are struggling with their weight, confidence and happiness in order to achieve a heavenly body, teaching “Effective Approach To Everlasting Change For Weight Loss And How To Keep It Off". The Jumping Julia team are a passionate and dedicated team of London-based personal trainers, nutritionists, fitness and transformation body coaches. Jumping Julia instructors have lots of additional qualifications and skills including dance, ballet, Zumba, a personal aerobic and fitness instructing.


Jumping Julia Founder & Million Dollar Success Coach 

I am a highly successful entrepreneur and business woman and I knows what it takes to Attract what I call #Million Dollar Success.

I opened my first fitness business 6 months after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. For 1.5 years I spent my life between hospitals, being at home and running a business. During this time I lost my purpose and the direction in my life. I reached rock bottom and I decided that I had to transform my situation. I truly faced the challenge, accepted the situation and started to think of solutions. I transformed my mindset from being constantly fearful to becoming empowered, I went from a low self-esteem, continuously doubting and sabotaging myself to being confident and becoming a business woman full of self-worth, I went from unhealthy to healthy again.

Now I have purpose and direction in life, I found the way to overcome an illness, stay off medication, and eliminate hospital visits. I've achieved Million Dollar Success.

Million Dollar Success Coaching,  Read More


A Nutritional Therapist & Cook

She graduated from Westminster University in 2008 and went on to practice as a nutritional therapist specialising in meal planning for individuals and families, health coaching and exerting nutrition education both privately and for the corporate sector.

Jessica has a particular interest in obesity and weight management and understands the challenges that people are faced with when trying to lose weight. She works with both groups of people and individuals and believes that long-term successful weight loss requires long-term behaviour changes both in diet and lifestyle. Jessica creates individually tailored meal plans with recipes for her clients, which provide them with the education, and tools they need to eat healthier meals and lose weight.

Over the past 7 years Jessica has helped many people change their lifestyle in a simple and practical way which has resulted in sustained weight loss and overall improved health.


Personal Trainer, Fitness & Class Instructor 

Gemma’s training includes Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre. Gemma is a Personal Trainer, Fitness and Class Instructor and is REPS qualified. She teaches a range of classes including Dance, Zumba, HIIT.

Gemma trained at the prestigious Elmhurst ballet school where she achieved a national diploma in dance and advanced 2 RAD ballet.She danced professionally for 7 years, travelling around the world, dancing in spectacular cruise ships productions therefore I subsequently promoted her to dance captain and production manager.

My aim is to help people to achieve their goals, by importing her knowledge of exercise into to our students so they understand all about the health benefits of doing regular exercise and have a whole lot of fun at the same time.


Jumping & Aerobic Instructor

I have 4 years experience teaching and attending Jumping classes, as well as being a qualified and experienced aerobic and acrobatic instructor.

I incorporate all my different experience into the Jumping Julia’s fitness classes that I teach to make them more fun, more interesting and more challenging!

I have been told by people in my classes that they really enjoy the way I demonstrate and explain the different techniques and steps that I use. That they really enjoy my classes because they are high energy and a lot of fun, I make them sweat but they really enjoy it and leave with a smile on their faces, having exercised away all the stress of their day

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