About Julia
Who Am I?
Julia Balaz, BA (Hons) Dip. Arch. Owner of Jumping Julia in London and World Jumping Exclusive Distributor for the UK
Julia moved to London in 2002, she finished a postgraduate degree in Architecture and worked in the industry. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2012, she was not able to return to work in the corporate industry.
She fell in love with Jumping HIIT workout on mini trampolines with a handle-bar, and she quickly turned her Jumping passion into becoming an owner of Jumping
Julia studios in London.
Julia found Jumping as a means of accepting and appreciating her body and mind which also helped her on her way to recovery. It gave her not only physical strength, but also strengthened her mentally and gave her a great deal of happiness that she spread to other areas of her life.

“She believes that everything happens for a reason. Even the most unpleasant things in life represent a positive and significant change in life”.

What she does, now.

This experience taught her how to set goals, work hard and persevere no matter the setbacks. Her vision, from the beginning, was to create a place where people could learn, grow and transform themselves and their business.   Now for Julia, the best part about setting up her business and becoming the Exclusive UK Distributor for World Jumping is the privilege of offering what she has learnt and sharing it with others.