Fun, Fit & Achieve Fast Results

Our Clients Feel Happier, Slimmer More Confident, Less Stressed and Have Transformed Lifestyle

Jumping Julia Classes

Cardio, Body Toning & HIIT Class

Our clients feeling stressed, tired and unhappy to feel happy, confident, increased fitness level and burn 3 times more calories than jogging alone!

Jumping To Drop A Dress Size

Fun, Fit & Achieve Fast Results

Does the inability to successfully lose weight affect your life?Are you trying to shift baby weight to achieve a heavenly body? Do you want to firm slack muscles have healthier body shape?

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 Jumping Julia Class 

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We encourage healthy and long-term lifestyle changes. We believe in daily and effective work. The foundation of achieving and keeping your weight goal is exercising and eating properly. Feeling and looking healthier has a great impact on your confidence, happiness and self- esteem.


Our bodies have to be taken care of, fitness is the best way to have better and healthier lifestyle. It’s never too late to start fitness, you will feel better, fitter and happier. We know why we stand for : fit, fun and fast results.


Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of foods in order to lead a healthy life. Having a balanced nutrition food is the key to have a flat belly. Combine healthy food with fitness in order to be fit and get a high energy level.


Habits is something once you have made a decision, then you essentially stop thinking about it and continue doing it. Food and exercise it’s key stone habit with the ripple effect in your new balance lifestyle. You had to improve your lifestyle, so be open to change.


Fitness, Food & Habit are connected. The link between them is the mind. Positive thinking, trusting yourself and believe that you can do anything you want. Changing your lifestyle might be hard at the beginning but it’ll worth it.

Meet Our Team

​Julia B is founder of Jumping Julia fitness helping professional woman and mothers be fit, have fun and achieves fast results. Jumping Julia fitness classes is unique dynamic (HIIT) workout using typical aerobic exercise on mini trampolines with handle bar. Coordinate hopping takes you form feeling stressed, tired and unhappy to happy, confident with increased fitness level and enable you to burn 3 times more calories than jogging alone!

Jumping Julia fitness team are body transformation experts. We deliver unique "Jumping To Drop A Dress Size" coaching professional women and mothers who struggling with weight, confidence and happiness to achieve heavenly body, teaching “Effective Approach To Everlasting Change For Weight Loss And How To Keep It Off". Jumping Julia team is a passionate and dedicated team of London-based personal trainers, nutritionists and fitness and transformation body coaches. Jumping Julia instructors have lots of additional qualifications and skills including dance, ballet, zumba, an aerobic personal fitness instructing, and more...

Jumping To Drop A Dress Size


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