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Jumping Julia® classes  is an original and dynamic fitness workout on patented and specially designed Jumping® PROFI trampolines using typical aerobic exercise, however not on a solid surface but using  a soft trampoline strung in a hexagonal shape. Jumping® is combination of exercises and stretching.

Jumping Julia® classes are safe and fun way to strengthen your body and mind and is specifically designed to suit the needs of all age groups and brings about fun, physical well being and mental balance. This dynamic exercise is much more than just random hopping on a trampoline. It is accompanied by motivational music, and the workout is highly elaborate with every detail well thought out. The combination of fast and slow routines together with dynamic stretching ensures a complex positive effect on burning body fat.

Feel Happier, Slimmer, More Confident And Less Stressed.


It is an excellent way to get in shape, it offers a wide range of health benefits, and it is also guaranteed to strengthen your entire body. The essential part of the Jumping®   workout is to develop physical balance and upper core and lower muscle strength. It has positive effects on many parts of the body and is unbelievably efficient at burning calories. The philosophy is that working out should not be painful; it should be about freedom and the sincere joy of movement.

The positive results of a workout are seen and felt in a very short time. Users will burn three times more calories than jogging and it is not done on solid surfaces where joints could be damaged.

Jumping® workouts can be done by anyone – regardless of age, weight or physical fitness.  It does not use complex choreography; it just involves simple exercise that can be easily understood by beginners and is fun. It is perfect for those who want to lose weight, strengthen their character and improve both their fitness and their energy levels.