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Jumping is the little-known way to exercise on mini trampolines that will help you burn 3 times more calories than jogging alone!

Please note: We’re sad to let you know the Southwark Location is closing down on 1. November 2018.  Shoreditch Location is open!

Julia Balaz

Julia Balaz

Julia Balaz

“Hey there! My name is Julia and with Jumping Julia trampoline/rebounding classes, we are helping a professional woman and mothers become fit, to have fun and achieve fast results. Our trampoline classes are a unique dynamic workout using typical aerobic exercises on mini trampolines with the handlebar.

Coordinate hopping takes you from feeling stressed, tired and unhappy to happy, confident with an increased fitness level and enable you to burn 3 times more calories than jogging alone! I hope you will join my professional team of experienced instructors at Shoreditch!”julia balaz

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