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We encourage healthy and long-term lifestyle changes. We believe in a daily and an effective workout. The foundation of achieving and keeping your weight goal are exercising and eating properly. Feeling and looking healthier has a great impact on your confidence, happiness as well self - esteem.


Maybe you are bored of typical fitness classes and looking for fun, way of keeping fit with results. Maybe you need to start a fitness and healthy eating habit. Maybe you’re just keen on working off some calories. Maybe to improve your balance, escape stress, tiredness by releasing endorphins. Maybe you need to firm of slack & weak muscle, loss of excess body weight the effective and everlasting change, achieve heavenly body  and how to knowledge how to keep it off.


We work us a team. We share our fitness, nutrition knowledge with you to push your fitness, body challenge higher and higher every class. We offer unique trampoline HIIT classes you can’t find anywhere else, take your cardio up, make you sweat a lot (min of 800 calories per class), have fun and leaving classes with huge smile and energy. Plus, since you’re so committed to fitness, we share fitness challenges with you, preparing Jumping fitness party's. We are opening more trampoline classes each month in London.

THINK positively, EXERCISE daily, EAT healthy, WORK hard, STAY strong, WORRY less, JUMP more, LOVE often, BE happy

Meet Our Team

Julia Balaz is a founder of Jumping Julia fitness helping the professional woman and mothers be fit, have fun and achieves fast results. Jumping Julia fitness classes is unique dynamic (HIIT) workout using typical aerobic exercise on mini trampolines with the handle bar. Coordinate hopping takes you from feeling stressed, tired and unhappy to happy, confident with increased fitness level and enable you to burn 3 times more calories than jogging alone!


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